Saturday, April 24, 2010

Savage-Violation - New Domain!

New Domain!


We have moved to a new domain!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Welcome to the Newsletter Number 5

New Developments

Celebrity Fantasy

SV proudly presents Celebrity Fantasy a new board dedicated to celebrities and your fantasies.

The board is open to discussions on your favourite celebrities, the movies they have acted out in, where discussion can contain force fantasies, etc. You are also encouraged to post your favourite pictures, movies, stories, etc. according to the Fantasy guidelines.


SV's Light & Humorous FAQ

Another project that has been on the back burner for quite some time has been the Frequently Asked Questions, which now has it's own little tab on the menu of the board.

As far as FAQs go, this one has been customised for SV from individual experiences and questions staff members are asked frequently. So it contains answers, some of which reflect our collective personalities on the board. This is why we've called it "Light and Humorous" - Life's too short so have some fun.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post in the Problems, Questions & feedback board.

Stories Section

The story section is continuously updated by fellow members when they find something they like to share with the rest of the community. Feel free to share your favourite stories and discuss what you like with other savage members.

The Savage Original Tales has some new additions recently by dreadstar, dodger, phtlc, ChiK73, Shygirl, UnDyingLight, rvplymates, etc.

Have a read and encourage them to write. Or start your own writing!

We are working on a new section for those interested in some Vanilla - Categories include Masturbation, Cheating Spouse, Oral Fixation and you are welcome to share your favourite stories here. Please always give credit where credit is due and follow the story guidelines when sharing.

It is easy to rate a story and it lets others know it's worth a read. Just follow the instructions on rating!

Role Plays

The Rape Role-play board is as busy as ever and there are a number of open role-plays and players seeking partners if you would like to play.

Feel free to have a look and join in!


Discussion Sections

The Rape Discussion section has some rather fun and unusual fantasy discussions such as Stuffed Animal, The Rape Friendly Automobile. A number of thought provoking older topics such as Forced impregnation and Military rape fantasy have been revived by new member opinions.

Feel free to ask your fantasy question and give your opinion for the vast collection of fantasy topics available.

Don't forget to check out the Rape Polls, Sex Polls and fun General Discussion Polls.


Captions - motivational posters

Another way to have fun for those creative savages is to try making your own captions or
Motivational Rape Posters.

There are lots of pictures that can be used around the board. Some captions and poster by Jokester and Blud respectively:


Movies, Pictures, Comics and Member Sections

Most of the collections shared by fellow savages are available for normal members.

As you may already know, we have revised some rules in accessing the Member's sections so that we are fair to all members, especially those whose contributions are thoughtful and genuine.

For the comic sections we are trying out a link share system to minimise reload frequency and maximise your enjoyment. Help us with feedback and comments.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Question to anyone who reads this?

What made you search for the content?

Why are you into this kind of fantasy?
Movies and Pics
SV has many exceptional movie posters who've kindly shared their movies for our pleasure. The Rape Movie Section showcases hot collections many members! A Savage can blissfully get lost in the pervyness of this section!

SavageViolation SavageViolation SavageViolation

The BDSM Movie Section boasts an equally impressive collection of movies posted by many.

SavageViolation SavageViolation SavageViolation SavageViolation

And of course we have Fetish and Vanilla Movie Sections as well for those that require something a little different.

Role Play Rape


You'd be surprised by how many people like to role play these fantasies. It can be done in a safe environment in the privacy of your bedroom... providing that is where you keep your computer..

SV's Role-Play room has been very busy indeed! We have a number of super savage players (too many to mention here) whose plays are fantastically pervy ranging from the gentleman rapist to the more vigorous pervs. A visit to either or both the Rape and BDSM rooms is guaranteed to result in many an orgasm for players and readers alike!
What’s on Offer?

There're many pervy things a savage can undertake around the board... From discussions to story writing, to role-plays and movies.
Discussions and Stories

Here the Savages let loose, discussing everything and anything from how they became interested in Rape/BDSM fantasy (Birth of a Pervert) to Ultimate Fantasies and much much more! The Rape and BDSM story sections house many multi-orgasmic favourites both written by Savages and others!

Welcome to the Newsletter

In our continued drive to provide a quality site for all, and to encourage everyone to participate, the staff of Savage Violation brings you this [regular…semi-regular] little missive of information and mischief. We hope the Savages have had a very merry Christmas and wish them a very happy and prosperous New Year. May 2009 be a good pervy year for all!
Of course we want to encourage you, our valued members, to participate, both here and on the board so keep those pervy posts coming!!!

Speaking of encouragement; don’t forget your friends. Please share this little document if you think it might help someone you know to join our pervy little group… the more the merrier!!!
Alternatively, feel free to send them the link to Savage Violation (copy and paste):

As we are starting out on this new venture, our opening volume will be nice and short. That is because while we have some ideas, it is always good to hear from you... the Savages themselves. So if you have any ideas on how to improve the site, please let us know.

Savage Rules
We all know them. We all read them when we joined (yeah right!). But it never hurts to have a little refresher so have a look at them again.
Savage Rules

New Developments
A couple of things here and there...
Firstly, SV has modified it's registration protocol for new members. All new members will now join via Admin approval. Let's keep the crazies in ay!

SV now has Member's Areas where you'll find complete movie archives, perverted novels and hot comix. These areas are accessible to the "Trusted Member" group. It's easy to become a trusted member at SV, all you have to do is participate on the board... let your pervy side out

The Creative Writing board is a new addition to SV. Here Savages can get creative by writing stories, either stand alone or with other savages using pictures to fuel their imagination. This board is open to the "Creative Savage" group. If you would like to participate here, all you have to do is PM Kimbra for access.